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Today, data drives everything and we love driving data. We want to help you turn your data into business insights. We are the data science team you didn't have to hire yourself.

Our Story

Data Science for those that don't do Data Science

Sweating data is hard work. The majority of companies do not have the skills or the frameworks to get the most out of their data. Why should they? After all, their focus is on building their business, not poring over data frames.

We formed ModelInsight to give companies the power to explore and gain insight from their business data. We had a theory that companies would do more in this field if there was a company like ModelInsight to help them.

Our offer

On-demand Brain Power

We are a "turn on-off-able" team. Like the cloud, you only pay for what you use; no retainers, no big up-front fees, no sign-up costs. Get the data analysis capabilities that your competitors have but at a fraction of the cost.

We specialise in the value-add end of data science and have expertise in Machine Learning, Big Data, Search, Natural Language Processing, Statistical Modelling, and Data Visualisation. We can also help with data strategies, architectures and data cleansing techniques.

How we work

We assist with all steps in the data science work flow

  • Acquire
  • Prepare
  • Analyze
  • Visualise
  • Share

Talk to us first. We offer an initial data problem assessment with no obligation and no fee.

Contact us today. You supply the coffee and we supply the science.

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Our Clients

We've worked with leading brands and small to medium businesses


Building enhanced capabilities including machine learning and data science to extend Endava's existing Big Data and Business Intelligence offerings

Channel 4

Coached team members and helped design and de-risk new data products for internal Channel 4 departments

First New York

Live Hedge fund trading strategies developed using statistical models

Arctic Shores

Statistical verification of data modelling approaches

Royal Mail

Evolutionary Algorithm based Planning System to create fast adapting logistics schedules for delivery routes

You Gov

Realtime Brand Measurement on Twitter and Facebook using Sentiment Analysis and Named Entity Recognition


Automating contract job and contractor matching to enhance efficiency of the industry using Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Python, C# and Big Data


Providing high performance DNA search algorithms to enable client's AutoClone to solve real-time search requirements

Kent County Council

Establishing a strategy roadmap for big data and analysis

Our Team

Pragmatic data scientists

  • Ian Ozsvald

    Principal Pythonista

    Data Scientist and Artificial Intelligence Researcher, Ian works to understand business objectives to then deliver IP for his clients. Author of O'Reilly's High Performance Python, holds a Masters Degree in Artificial Intelligence. Skills include machine learning, natural language processing and recommendation systems in Python.

  • Chris Brown

    Data Dude

    A technologist with industry-proven management skills for front to back solutions delivery. Specialises in requirements capture and solutions architecture for data platforms. Software development, predominantly in Java-based applications. Holds a Masters Degree in Financial Engineering. Current research areas are big data architectures on cloud provisioned environments and agile approaches to data science problems.

  • Bart Baddeley

    Statistical wizard

    Backed by a PhD in Artificial Intelligence Bart predicts and models large, noisy datasets using Statistical Modelling and Machine Learning using Python and Matlab. Specialisms include Recommender Systems, eCommerce, computer vision and physics.

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